“I am a narcoleptics. When I stop working or enter a fixed and regular movement, I can easily and quickly go to sleep. Even speed will not break my ‘stillness’, which hides many dangers of giving up my resistance. After I went to sleep, dreams, dream talk and even sleepwalking became a potential connection between my spirit and the outside world. Many times I can bring thoughts into my dreams, and the real-time environment around me will intervene autonomously, leading to multiple blends of reality, dreams and thinking. This does not cause trouble, but I am grateful. The dream gives humanity another spiritual dimension, which is for inspiration and channel.”  我是嗜睡者。当我停止活动或进入某种固定且规律的运动中,会轻易且快速进入睡眠状态。即使速度也不会打破我的‘静止’,这其中隐藏着诸多我放弃反抗的危险。而我进入睡眠后,梦境、梦话乃至梦游成为我的精神与外界的潜在连接。很多时候我可以把醒时所想即时带入梦中,而身边的实时环境会自主介入,导致现实、梦境与思考的多重混合。这并不带来困扰,反而令我感激。梦境赋予人类另一个精神维度,是为灵感,是为通道。”

Jialin Guan 关佳琳

Subconscious Artist 潜意识艺术家

Lifelong Project 终身项目




Original origami design "bird with curved tail" and guide system design (design, not artwork) 原创折纸设计“曲尾鸟”和指示(导视)系统设计(这是设计,不是艺术作品)

Address: China Advertising Museum. When I designing paper birds, in order to make the paper bend naturally to produce the curvature of the tail, I abandoned some rules that should be observed in the usual design of origami. For example, the difference between the peak line and the valley line around the intersection of the line no longer has to be equal to 2. My idea is to integrate the origami bird I designed into the exhibition guide system and lead the audience through the direction of the birds in the air. However, because of some difficulties in reality (such as the skylight exhibition hall is too high to hang, budget and workforce, etc.), the final exhibition is only a small part of the shape of the arc, high and low staggered. 地址:中国广告博物馆。 在设计“曲尾鸟”时,为了使纸自然弯曲以产生尾巴的弯曲度,我放弃了通常在折纸设计中应遵守的一些规则。 例如:峰线和谷线在线的交点之间的差不再必须等于2。我的想法是将我设计的“曲尾鸟”融入到展览指示(导视)系统中,并通过它们去引导观众。 但是,由于现实中的一些困难(例如天窗展厅太高而无法悬挂,预算和人力等),最终的展览只是其中一小部分,弧形形状,高低错开。

Sleep 睡觉

About the theme, the media, the creative logic, etc.: "Creative themes focus on normal human nature and group social problems in a wide range of social activities. I do not stick to any form and material, and strive to break the boundaries of ideas and forms. Instead of seeking complexity and depth, I use realistic elements to construct images. Ultimately, to explore the overall interpretation of the work and to "feel" it so as to bring spiritual echo is the core intention of my involvement in art. At this time, words do not represent real dialogue." 关于题材、媒介、创作逻辑等:“ 创作题材大范围聚焦社会活动中人性常态与群体性社会问题。我不拘泥于任何形式与材料,力求打破想法与形式的边界。不求繁琐与高深,我使用现实元素去构建意象。最终,发掘作品的整体性阐释并为人所“感受”从而带来精神呼应是我介入艺术的核心意图,此时文字不代表真正的对话。

Origin 本源

Slight over 敷衍

In daily life, people are bound by morality and rules. These social consciousness regulates and restrains people's instinctive desires. However, primitive desires and impulses do not disappear. They exist in people's subconscious mind and fight against social personality all the time. Dreaming may not be called a complete subconscious activity, because it is still inseparable from reality and full of linguistic thinking, but it is still the best way to open the subconscious. People can reconnect past knowledge and experience by dreaming, which often brings detachment to someone at some point. Thus, dreams can also be a kind of ability, even if it is ignored by those who own them. 日常生活中,人们被道德和规则所束缚,这些社会意识在规范和抑制人们的本能欲望。然而原始的欲望与冲动并不会因此消失,它们存在于人们的潜意识当中,并无时无刻不与社会人格相互斗争。做梦可能不能称之为完全的潜意识活动,因为它仍然脱离不了现实并充斥着语言思维,但它仍是人打开潜意识最好的途径。人们通过做梦可以重新连接过往知识与经历,它往往在某个时刻为某人带来超脱性。因而,梦也可以是一种能力,即使它被拥有它的人所忽略。

Black Suitcase 黑色行李箱

Art and Design 艺术与设计


Contemporary Cultural Revolution 当代文革

Women's survival dilemma 女性生存困境

Discrimination your mother discrimination歧视你妈的歧视


Family-based 家本位

Standard and control 规则与掌控

Mass production and civilize 批量生产与教化(Wang合作完成)

Blind 瞎了

He's PUA me 他在PUA(与Zhao合作完成)

A scene from a blind date 相亲片段(与Zhao合作完成)

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